It’s More Than Just What We Do. It’s How We Do It.

Plug into a proven source of interactive success through MICROS eCommerce , your dedicated partner on the Web. Rely on us to provide a full spectrum of hotel and hospitality Internet marketing solutions, precisely engineered to meet your needs. At MICROS eCommerce, formerly TIG Global, we treat each and every phase of your interactive marketing program as a meticulous science - leveraging the latest technology, resource tools, and consumer trends  to maximize your return on investment.

Because the success of our clients  is so pivotal to our own continued growth and vitality, we strive to deliver the highest level of service  at every touch point.
Achieve a new level of interactive success with MICROS eCommerce. Contact us for leading-edge targeted Internet marketing.


Having a beautiful website is just the beginning.

MICROS eCommerce, formerly known as TIG Global, works with our customers to design a marketing plan that meets their specific needs. We are our own harshest critic, continually fine-tuning each targeted Internet marketing plan to maximize ROI, as a proactive response to detailed monthly reporting. Our results in marketing hotels, destinations and clients beyond the travel industry speak for themselves. Rely on us to add rich new dimensions to your Internet marketing campaign, and achieve extraordinary year-over-year growth. We utilize industry best practices to implement cutting-edge internet marketing solutions, including:

Search Engine Optimization

Utilization of “white hat” techniques to help prominently position websites at the top of search engines for direct visibility. We are continually monitoring your website performance and fine-tuning our strategy to identify opportunities to maximize your online presence.

Paid Search Marketing

A targeted method of capturing highly-qualified traffic and delivering it directly to optimized landing pages for conversion. Our dedicated team of analysts will work with you to develop a customized marketing plan to define your target audience and reach your ROI goals.

Digital Media

We deliver pre-qualified leads using our established network of trusted industry-specific media partners. Through display marketing, retargeting campaigns, and qualified link shares, we leverage effective online advertising solutions to drive new and repeat business to your website.

Email Marketing

Establish relationships and strengthen consumer loyalty amongst a list of opt-in customers. These “e-blasts” or e-newsletters help keep clients regularly engaged with your business.

Social Media

Ranging from custom pages and builds, to strategy consultation, our services encourage customer interaction and generate trust. Whether you’re looking for a new Facebook page or consulting for your existing follower network, we are happy to assist.

Content Strategy & Development

From deep dive discovery to strategic direction, planning and implementation our team will create a custom content strategy to help strengthen your brand, message and voice in the digital space. Our marketing and leads focused approach to content development will showcase your products and services to their fullest potential, bringing you new business and strengthening your relationships with existing customers.


Improve search engine ranking and connect with your target audience through clear, concise and engaging web content that captures interest and drives business. Our copywriters have skill, experience and a track record of success in analyzing marketing trends and performing in-depth research to compose fresh, memorable and impactful copy for all digital channels.

Soup to nuts, we do it all.

We have won more than 50 awards for our designs since 2005. From a custom build to semi-custom solutions perfect for those on a smaller budget, our website design concepts are anything but ordinary. We specialize in sites with “wow” factor, using image-heavy, experiential designs that guide the user seamlessly from their first click all the way through the booking process. But it’s more than just about looks – our sites keep the user in mind. Partner with MICROS eCommerce for:

Single Hotel Solutions

Cutting-edge standardized and custom design options reflecting your unique selling points. We offer engaging and user-friendly designs tailored to each client’s specifications.

Brand Solutions

Balancing experience with transactional requirements to meet your performance goals. Our team provides strategic implementation of both provide and standalone brand website solutions.

Destination Solutions

A custom approach that converts unique destination attributes into compelling web experiences. Destination Solutions can also leverage existing partnerships to maximize ROI for all involved.

Restaurant Web Solutions

Comprehensive restaurant marketing strategies that drive online reservations. From standalone solutions to integrated mini sites, our restaurant solutions blend seamlessly with your overall web goals.

Retail Web Solutions

Integrated online retail marketing services to help clients maximize the e-commerce channel. We leverage existing MICROS partnerships to bring our unique online marketing background to our newest vertical.
Booking Solutions

Functional and intuitive

We understand that not only does the booking engine need to be functional and track-able, but it needs to be intuitive for the user. Choose from customized solutions that serve your specific market needs to easy-to-implement reservations management software that seamlessly integrates with MICROS’ cutting-edge technology. Large brands and boutique properties alike depend on our user-friendly booking solutions. We offer:

Loyalty Program Solutions

We provide the custom, public interface to your MICROS OCIS driven loyalty program. These solutions can serve as a standalone website or integrate with your existing technologies for a fully-integrated approach.

Custom Booking Solutions

These truly integrated booking solutions provide more than just a means to an end - the forefront of UX innovation, custom booking solutions drive results. MICROS eCommerce delivers the premiere OWS booking solution.


Super-configurable, quickly deployed, innovative MICROS booking solutions. The end result is a truly integrated web presence that drives revenue and makes hotels more competitive in the online world.